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Who wants ocean? - Update Aquatic

The latest Minecraft snapshot is out, and it includes plenty of new content. I'm looking for an expression of interest ... does anyone want to replace the current world with a s...

Outage: Temporary DNS Issues

The game server is operational, but due to temporary DNS issues some players may be unable to access it. If you have this issue and it does not resolve itself within a couple of ho...

Changes for September 2017

This is the first of what should be many monthly releases. They won't all include changes as big as these, and they'll usually be released in the first or second week. Redirect...

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The latest Minecraft snapshot is out, and it...


Exactly ;-) The redesign is inspired by th...


Don't blow it up!


Hey KiwiSamara, I guess the forums are the...

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MCS-9 Register command has stopped working (bugfix)


MCL-15 Reset Password is broken (bugfix)


The server software and plugins were updated last week. Spawn has been refreshed! It looks a bit mo...


Release 3.10.0 - Internal changes only