I've just created a playlist of videos found on YouTube, recorded by past and current players of the server. Let me know if you are aware of others!

The main requirement is that it must be recorded on the server.

Videos from players (MCLeiger)

Additionally, I've started up a Hardcore series and new videos will be released every Tuesday:

Minecraft Hardcore (2017)

There are other videos as well, including the Sea of Flame challenge map series:

Sea of Flame #1

Sea of Flame #2

Do you want to be added to the YouTube playlist at the top? Record a video, upload it to YouTube, and let me know!
The first snapshot for Minecraft 1.12 has been released, giving us an early look into the new features that will be available.

This is a new block not previously available in 1.11 or below. You can get it by crafting:
  • 4 Sand
  • 4 Gravel
  • One of any dye
  • Result = 8 Concrete Powder blocks

Then mix the concrete powder with water in the world (not on the crafting bench) to create concrete!

There are 16 colours available, one for each dye.

Glazed Terracotta
Yet another new block, Terracotta is one of the most interesting blocks to be introduced in the game so far. There is nothing quite like it in the game yet, and I can see it being very useful as a decorative block.

Obtain some by smelting any coloured stained clay in a furnace.

Terracotta can be used to make detailed patterns!

It doesn't stop there. Terracotta is placed based on the direction you are facing, so you can change the orientation of the blocks to whatever you want.

Some examples I came up with:
Using the magenta Glazed Terracotta to create a directional path

Using the purple and light gray Glazed Terracotta to create other patterns

Imagine using these in your base

These can be placed on the ground, the roof, or walls -- creating an interesting way to decorate your base in a way that we haven't been able to do before. Additionally, the colour palette has been updated for the existing wool blocks and banners.

Hopefully this isn't the last of the decorative changes in 1.12!

What are you most excited about?

Let me know in the comments, below!

Click on the source link below to find out more about what I've mentioned above - and to read up on the other changes that are part of this snapshot.

Source: http://minecraft.gamepedia.com/17w06a

Known only as the Cake Maniac, and hailing from an unknown origin, this villain was last spotted at spawn last Sunday.

Players are warned to lock up their cakes behind iron doors, keep a close watch on their baby villagers, and to report any sightings directly to police.

Do NOT - I repeat, do NOT - attempt to confront the man if you see him. He is armed with eggs and sugar and considered extremely dangerous.

Source: @Minecraft
This is advance notice that in the future (1-3 months from now) we will hold a competition open to everyone with the aim to replace the current banners on the web homepage.

Screenshots will need to be of the current MCLeiger survival world. They can include something you or another player have built, or they can be a nature shot (e.g. sunrise over hills) - as long as you can prove that the screenshot was taken on MCLeiger.

Further details for this competition will be announced at a later date. However, it may be worthwhile considering over the next couple of months whether you will build something deliberately for this competition, or use an existing build - and how you will frame your screenshot.

If you are looking for inspiration, many of the images found here would be suitable entries:

Google Image Search: "excellent minecraft screenshots"
MCLeiger is currently running in temporary mode - features are changing rapidly, and we are testing and preparing for a full launch.

The key date when a decision will be made (whether to continue), will be: 31 January 2017. See below for more details.

UPDATE: Please see bottom of post.

Unfortunately, in the past the costs associated with the server have rested on individuals, and this is no longer sustainable. Therefore, we're moving towards a new model and hope that it will allow us to keep the server running for many years to come.

In order to support the server, we will be trialling the use of Patreon.

This service allows us to not just accept donations - but to set clear goals for the future, define what will happen once we reach those goals, and in the meantime reward contributors with some extra perks outside of the game.

Furthermore, it allows contributors to choose exactly how much they want to contribute. You get some perks if you donate a certain amount, but you can donate as much or as little as you like. In fact, you can contribute just $1 USD if you want!

Everything is appreciated, even $1, because it all adds up.

>> 31 January 2017 <<

If we reach our goal of $20 USD (~$26 AUD) by this date, the current temporary map will become the live map when we launch. That is a promise, and a reward that will benefit those that have requested whitelisting and have been playing on the temporary server so far.

If we do not reach our goal of $20 USD (~$26 AUD) by this date, shortly afterwards we may temporarily take the server offline, or run it part-time, until we are able to secure funds to keep it running 24/7.

Have a look at Patreon if you would like to find out more.

Contrary to what this post originally said, we are not using Patreon. After discovering that there were more fees than we anticipated involved, we decided to just use PayPal directly so that more of your donation can be used on MCLeiger rather than it being wasted on a third party. Please contact leiger in-game or on IRC to donate for now.

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I've just created a playlist of videos found on YouTube, recorded by past and current players of the...
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